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Online Appointments for current Candler students and Alumni are now available. To schedule an appointment please click the Make An Appointment link located at the top of this page.

(These appointments are not for Candler Student Employment. For help with Candler Student Employment please see the Student Employment @ Candler page for location and times for help.)


What's in your Career Toolkit?

Pick a metaphor: Building a House. To build a house you need the right tools. But having the tools ready isn't the same as hammering nails, sawing boards, or hanging drywall and completing a project. Your career search isn't about the perfect resume or spending hours on a cover letter. Your career search is about connections.  There are just a few tools you need for a career search. Click the links for instructions, suggestions, and free templates.


A Job search is about Making Connections

Is this start to think about what you want to do and where you want to work and your mind goes blank? You can barely name specific places, or organizations, or you spin into a quandary of "would they ever hire me?" We all do this anytime we see a job search in sight until we learn how to search for jobs, and advance our careers and vocations. 

People are the answer. People we already know, and the idea of people we don't know yet, but who may have some interesting sparks of ideas that will help us blaze a path through our vocations. Your career search not only illuminates you but it illuminates those with whom you connect along the way. Sometimes you may be asking them for help, but that request may be of more help to them than you. Your request for help will be reciprocated and the circles of giving form an infinity. We can work together if you are hesitant about how to reach out, or to do so. Once you find your style you'll have great fun - I promise.


Your job search is woven into the fabric of your life at Candler. It weaves through classes, conferences, Con Ed, Internships, alumni events, activities, and more. All the work you do at Candler is part of your career. You are well on your way to the next phase of your calling. 



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Feel free to sign up for a time to attend Office Hours for one-to-one help. 

Anne M. Kelly

Director of Career Services, Candler School of Theology, Emory University



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