The Candler Food Pantry is Back!

The Candler Food Pantry has returned in an effort to reduce food insecurity in our community. Food is available to anyone who needs a meal or has forgotten their meal for the day. Everyone is also welcome to donate to the pantry. Below find a list of items that we suggest you provide:

-Canned, ready-to-eat soup
-Easy Mac
-Peanut butter
-Crackers (including gluten-free)
-Cereal/granola/protein bars
-Canned fruit/applesauce
-Instant oatmeal

Please make sure that all canned food has a pop-top and does not require a can opener. Food will be available in the student break areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

C3 provides a monthly allotment of FREE COFFEE for the community to share on the second floor! Hopefully, this will help to cut down on weekly coffee bills. The only way we can continue this free service is to keep the coffee pot clean and not leave it on.

Let us individually do our part to ensure the collective benefits from the Candler Food Pantry!

Please contact the C3 exec board if you have any questions about the Food Pantry and how you can support this effort.