"Roast Dinner"

By Audrey Hindes

This is what I call a “roast dinner.” If you were at our L.E.G. Up! Day 1 event this past Saturday, you know that roasting is one of my favorite cooking methods. Roasting is an application with high and dry heat in the oven. The best thing about it is that it produces the “Maillard reaction” – the browning process beloved of cooks and avid eaters everywhere.

Each time I make a roast dinner it is a variation on equal parts veg, carb and protein, olive oil, salt and pepper. But this one is my favorite: Brussels sprouts, butternut squash (you can eat the skin!) and chicken bratwurst sausages. It’s also good when I remember chunks of red onion. Roast at 400 degrees for around 30 minutes (45 if you roast two full pans), flipping everything halfway through cooking time for even roasting.

To make life really easy on a weeknight, I do the vegetable prep on the weekend. See Exhibit A: this is me prepping the Brussels sprouts on a Sunday afternoon while watching the Hobbit. Exhibit B is the end result with veg prepped and ready to go.

(Exhibit A)


(Exhibit B)

It is deeply comforting to know that after a long day, I can come home, get my prepped veg out of the refrigerator, dump them on a sheet pan with olive oil, s & p, add in the sausage, throw it in the oven and finally sit down and put my feet up.


(Exhibit C: the intersection of healthy and comforting food)

Need further testimony? Angelo Luis was at L.E.G. Up! Day 1 and he made this for dinner last night! Here’s a pic of his dinner plate. Hey, Angelo – how was it?