Career Services Orientation Checklist

Career Search can be a very meaningful process. To learn more, please review the Candler Career Service page on the Chronicle and Candler website. I look forward to meeting you at Orientation! Until then, take a few minutes to go over the REQUIRED checklist for Orientation (below) and the main Career Services page.


Orientation Assignments

Please bring your revised assignments to Orientation:

  • 2 printed copies of your Resume 
  • 2 printed copies of your Cover Letter
  • Please open, or revise, a LinkedIn account
  • Request to connect with Anne M. Kelly on LinkedIn.  

In order to help you grow professionally, determine your vocation, and have the skills required to gain employment we'll begin working together before Orientation. Below are several items for you to complete your first draft before you arrive at Candler. They are required pieces for Orientation and required to be completed before you will have access to further help from Career Services during your time at Candler. The assignments are a work in progress and over each semester you'll complete Professional Development milestones that will enable you to be a strong candidate for your desired career opportunities. They won't be perfect or finished as Career Tools are always open and changing.  You'll receive feedback on them in the first few weeks of the semester. 



Candler has a resume template. It's available in word format for you to easily convert your current resume. You'll have lots of questions and this won't feel "finished" like an essay. That's perfect. The template has been vetted by HR professionals and is optimized for software that will read your resume. I would recommend setting a timer for 30 minutes and just diving into the document. 


  • Please bring 2 paper copies to Orientation. 


Cover Letter

Like the resume template our Cover Letter Template has been vetted with HR professionals. At Orientation we'll discuss what a personal brand is, why it's helpful to have, and how it will help you tie together your strengths to the opportunities that interest you. Like the Resume, this is a draft. I would recommend setting a timer for 15 minutes and just diving into the document. 


  • Please bring 2 paper copies to Orientation. 


LinkedIn is the professional place to connect with colleagues. It offers Alumni groups, links to companies and organizations of interest, enables meeting people who can teach you about their profession, and it has excellent job listings. Being part of LinkedIn is being a professional. Please open a profile, or update the one you have.


  • Open or update your profile
  • Find my profile Anne M. Kelly
  • Request to connect with through LinkedIn