Expressions and Encounters: Experiencing the Histories and Theologies of African Christianity in the Collections of Pitts Theology Library

The exhibition displays periodicals, monographs, sacred texts, missionary correspondence, and church archives selected from Pitts’s African Christianity Collection. The exhibition intentionally reflects the fragmented and disparate nature of the collection developed under the supervision of former Director of Pitts Theology Library Channing Jeschke (1927-2016). In this regard, it is suggestive of the incompleteness of extant textual sources in writing histories of African Christianity. While the exhibition does not present a cohering narrative across every expression or encounter, it does bring African voices into the purview of theological education in North America. Visitors are invited to reflect on the archival silences that require oral histories, the study of material and visual culture, and attention to religious practices to interpret the fragments of history more completely. You can visit the exhibition anytime the library is open. 

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