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Fall 2019 Vocation Design Series

Still figuring out exactly what you’re doing here or what you’re being called to do with your degree? 

Join us for a closed group series designed to help you put your dots together for your vocational and professional future.  This series is open to all students and meets every Wednesday in September (starting September 11) and every other Wednesday in October. Each session is from Noon - 12:50 pm in RARB 322. Vocation Station (office hours) will also take place after every session in the 3rd floor lobby.

Sessions are limited to 20 participants and each participant will receive lunch for each session.

Participants must attend all 6 sessions.                                

Check out the details below!    

SESSION 1: September 11

The Theology of Self-Advocacy

In the first session, we will define self-advocacy, including what the Bible says about it and what happens when we don’t advocate for ourselves as ministers and moral leaders.

SESSION 2: September 18

The Art of Discernment

In this session, students will go through exercises to help them identify their professional strengths, interests, values, and vision, and they will learn how to put these tools to use in their own vocational discernment.

SESSION 3: September 25

Redefining Ministry and Selecting a Path

In this session, we will discuss the various paths for seminary graduates, and talk about how students can choose to move forward, even if they haven’t crystallized their post-graduate goals.

SESSION 4: October 2

How to Purposefully Curate Your Candler Experience

In the fourth session, we will talk about how to sort through, select, and use the extraordinary opportunities presented at Candler to support you and your post-graduate vocational goals.

SESSION 5: October 16

Telling Your Authentic Vocational Story

In the fifth session, we take what we’ve learned in the last several sessions and talk about how to create an authentic narrative in your job search documents that will improve your chances of getting where you want to go.

SESSION 6: October 23

Answering Your Call Through Community

In the final session, we will talk about how to engage the people in your life, including new people in your areas of interest, to explore, inform yourself, and ultimately effectively connect to your future professional neighborhood. 


Those students who attend all six sessions and complete the minimal additional requirements will receive:

1.     Lunch for each session

2.     Certificate of completion

3.     Candler swag, i.e. a Candler branded leather portfolio

4.     The opportunity to interview someone for our Legacy of Light outreach program

5.     An extra appointment with our Director during the semester to discuss your journey


QUESTIONS??? Email sarah.carlson@emory.edu