Handshake (Job Search)

Handshake is what Emory uses even for alumni for job opportunities. Once you confirm your profile you are access to search for internships, interim jobs, and employment post graduation several ways. The instructions are in Handshake and you can email Handshake for help with your profile anytime. 

Career Tip: 

Technical problems moments before an application deadline will most likely not be resolved in time to apply. Please apply early so you don't add this stress to your job search. Emailing multiple people for help may not be a good use of resources. 

Resume Books on Handshake

Often Candler is asked to "send some resumes to us" and this is the way that we will be able to send resumes to organizations (we authorize) who are looking to hire Candler students for internships, part-time, full-time, while in school and after graduation. 

It is also a way for Career Services to send opportunities of interest to groups of students at Candler via email. 

Please add your resume, update your resume, and remove your resume from any Resume books to help us keep them updated and accurate to best serve you and your future employers. 

To add your resume to a Resume Book: Click on "Jobs" and search for "Candler." You will apply for each resume book - and we'll happily accept you. It will be the easiest job application of all time, and great practice for getting to know Handshake. 

  • Candler- Resume Book Class of 2017
  • Candler- Resume Book Class of 2018
  • Candler- Resume Book Class of 2019
  • Candler – Resume Book Alumni
  • and more...

Accessing Handshake for the First time?

No need to build a robust profile as a graduate student. You only need to upload your resume and cover letter in the Documents section, approve them, and then you can begin applying. 

Below are the simple steps needed to login. If you have difficulty please contact Anne M. Kelly for help. 

or use the link below to link to Handshake...

or use the link below to link to Handshake...