Social Media may be the name of the platform but LinkedIn is a professional tool with a vision. 


LinkedIn's visionCreate economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce

LinkedIn has a mission: Connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful

As you follow your calling LinkedIn will help you share stories, and find the resources you need to thrive. It's not a platform you have to check each day. When you need it you'll access it for: 


  • Finding those on a similar career path
  • Finding those who have a skill you need
  • Expanding your knowledge of what organizations are out there
  • Search alumni through the My Network tab and Alumni
  • Joining conversations in groups that appeal to you
  • Searching for jobs


Creating Your Profile

Many people glance at a LinkedIn profile before connecting, interviewing, etc. It's a great place to tell people more about yourself than your resume. A professional photo (we can take one with your phone for you - no selfies please) and the basics filled out are enough. Need ideas? Look at profiles of people you admire. 

Career Tip:

LinkedIN gives as much as you give. If you are connected to 10 people, it will only show you a small amount of search results. If you connect to 200 people it will show you plentiful search results. 



Once you have the basics of your resume in progress, LinkedIn is the portfolio platform for you to give voice to your resume, and share your calling. Connect with me, Anne Kelly anytime, and your fellow classmates at Candler, and your undergrad school, your previous employers, and other professional contacts. It's not about friends and family like Facebook. Perhaps you could ask yourself "would I be able to recommend this person for hire?" when considering connecting to them.  From there find Candler Alum and reach out to connect. 


Advanced Search:

With an Advanced search  (to the right of the search bar, click the word "Advanced")you'll be able to find connections to help you build your Alumni/Organization List, spark new ideas, and find places to do your work. 


Simple connection message:

"Hello ____ I am a current Candler student and would enjoy learning more about your work with ____. I hope we are able to connect."  

Your profile gives details about you and LinkedIn won't allow you to add an email or phone to help reduce SPAM.  

Some finals thoughts on creating a LinkedIn profile: Don't be surprised if the directions change frequently, or you reach a quota of connection requests for one day. LinkedIn works diligently to reduce SPAM. Just, call it a day and try again tomorrow.