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Job Postings

Churches, universities, hospitals, and ALL kinds of employers are looking for Candler students and alumni!  We collect and post these jobs on Emory’s main job board, Handshake.  To see the jobs posted just for our community on Handshake, simply login and do a keyword search for “Candler.”  Current students can also see all the jobs posted for the Candler community in the Assignments tab in Canvas.


We want to equip Candler students and alumni for their vocational journeys, and we have vocational a little library of resources for just that purpose, including those for vocational discernment, part-time and post-grad job searches, and more! Current students can also find the resources on Canvas!


We partner with student groups and other Candler departments to design all kinds of professional development programs to help prepare students to reach their vocational goals. Be sure to check out Vocation Design this fall! 

Candler students can meet one-on-one with our Director of Career Services one time each semester. In addition to appointments, students can also find the Director at Office Hours every Tuesday from 1:30 - 3:30 pm in the Office of Student Programming.

Appointments & Office Hours

Coming Soon


Here’s what we’ve got coming up for the Candler Community:


Starting later this Fall, students will be able to submit their resumes and cover letters to be reviewed by our Writing Tutors for their best chance at securing that next position. 


In addition to Emory’s Handshake, we will have a new job board just for the Candler community, which should ease the process for both employers and students. It’ll be right here on the Chronicle later this Fall, stay tuned!

Career Services is continually innovating and working to meet the professional needs of the Candler community. 

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