Resume, CV, and Cover Letters

We have templates and quick guides to help you create a resume that is simple and easy for potential employers to understand. We often allocate too much to these tools, and neglect our relationship building which is the most important part of a job search. I offer this analogy to you: 


Getting a Job  = Getting a Good Grade

Resume, Cover Letter, Essays = Registering for Classes

Connecting & Networking  = Going to Class

Interviews = Tests & Papers

Job Offer = A Good Grade

I highly encourage you to start with our Resume and Cover Letter templates. Click Below: 


Meeting with the writing center to refine your grammar is a great idea, as well as finding a friend to be your job search buddy. For career search help please attend a workshop, meet with Career Services, and subscribe to our weekly e-mail updates for tips and strategies. 

Career Tip:

Resume or CV? - A CV is a longer version of a resume. It will be written with a faculty member as your reader. Details that are not as applicable to an employer may appear in your CV like academic presentations, the specific research you did with a faculty member, or lists of class sessions you moderated or taught.