Student Employment @ Candler and Emory

Thanks to the generosity of Dean Love and the vision of Dean Purdum, Candler has several part-time work opportunities for students while you attend Candler. The opportunities at Candler have a learning component, and across Emory's campus you can find meaningful work or "just plain paid work" to compliment your studies at Candler. About 1/3 of Candler Students work at Candler, and even more across Campus. Maybe you will find a piece of your calling in these opportunities or a valuable skill that will serve you later in your career. 


Student Employment @ Candler

Offices like the OSP, Admissions, Pitts Library, Events, Certificate Program Offices, Development, and more...Submit your resume to Handshake by applying for the job "Candler Student Employment 2017-2018" for consideration. Faculty and Staff receive this Resume Book periodically to review for finding student workers. Most hiring happens in the Spring term for the following Fall.  A few entering students find work in the Fall. 

Career Tip: It's never too early to connect with the various offices and discuss future employment. 

Working at Pitts: The amazing staff at Pitts has an employment webpage for you our valued Student Workers. 


Research Assistant & Teaching Assistants

Research Assistant opportunities are often earned through your academic rapport with faculty. Typically students are invited in their second year through PhD work. Submit your resume to Handshake by applying for the job "Candler Student Employment 2017-2018" for consideration. Most hiring happens in the Spring term for the following Fall.

TA's or Teaching Assistants are invited though the Academic Dean's Office for students in the later part of their degree program or PhD students. 

Career Tip: Building a strong academic rapport with faculty is a good way to be selected for RA and TA positions. 


Student EMployment @ EMory

Emory offices LOVE Candler students for their amazing work ethic. Handshake is where all of Emory lists On-Campus employment for students. Jobs post in Spring for Fall, and in Mid-August/Early September for Fall too. In Handshake, click "jobs" sort in the gray box by "job type" and select "on-campus employment." Apply, Apply, Apply.


Career Tip: Please email Anne Kelly with your resume, job number/title,  and the job description when you apply outside of Candler so she can put in a good word for you with other departments. 

A student is not permitted to work prior to

HR confirming via email to you and your manager

that the hiring process is complete. 

International Students - please speak with Joan Lindsey at ISSS prior to securing employment. It is important that work, volunteering, or non study activity is acceptable per the terms of your study visa. 



You can email for help. Please visit the OSP on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am - 2:00pm and ask the front desk for help. Beginning October 2, all student employment requests will be addressed on Tuesday and Thursday to manage workflow. 


I was just hired, now what do I do? 

Congratulations! That is your job offer. Being hired and eligible to begin work has a few mandatory steps to complete. 

If you have been asked to work by a Candler Faculty or Staff member, please ask them to submit the Student Worker Request Form found on the Candler IntrAnet. Once the hiring manager contacts us the hiring process begins. 

1. Orientation - You can begin Online Orientation even without a job and then you'll be able to begin work much sooner when you receive an offer. Via e-mail you will receive a link to Online Orientation once your supervisors request to hire you has been processed.  All sections and all uploads must be completed. Please try to do this the same day you receive the email. 

2. I9 Work Authorization - 24 hours after you complete all of the On-line sections the system will tell us if we need to verify you for work authorization. This is your I-9 processing. I9 Verification occurs 12:00pm-1:30pm CST 2nd Floor Lobby (the blue chairs outside Pitts) on the following days: 8/14, 8/24, 8/29, 9/5, 9/12. Additional days if needed include: 9/13, 9/14, 9/19. Third set of additional days: 10/5. Please bring your passport, or two forms of ID (Drivers license + original birth certificate; Social Security Card + Driver's License.  Emory will not accept any copies or scans)to Anne Kelly for I9 US Work Verification through the Equifax system. This is a required government process for any Employee at Emory. You will not be in the HR system and we cannot process your I9 until a minimum of 24hours post your completion of the Online Orientation. You can not begin work until this process is complete and you and your supervisor have received a confirmation email that work may commence. 

Reminder: You will not be paid, nor is it legal for you engage in work until the hiring process is fully completed. An email with your clock in code will be your confirmation. 

How do I get paid?

Clock-In System

(This is operated by Emory University, not Candler. We recommend following the steps below to see if you can resolve an issue directly.)

Please use your clock-in code number (sent via email) to clock in and out of the time and attendance system.  Please contact your Payroll Specialist with any issues. 

  • To access the system dial 2-6666 from any on campus phone, or 404-712-9350 from any off campus phone. (Please note that your id number will not work off campus if your direct supervisor has not granted you off campus permission.)
  • The system will prompt you for your id number.
  • Then the clock code. Use (1) to clock in and (9) to clock out.  (You may use them as many times as you need each day.)
  • To insure that your time has been noted, please wait until you hear a response. 

Remember your clocking code is confidential. Please do not give it to anyone. Please do not allow anyone to clock in or out for you. Should you forget to clock in or out you will receive an email with instructions to correct your time using the Emory Time Card Adjustment System. You can also use this system to keep track of your hours. Instructions on how to use the system are below.



(This is operated by Emory University, not Candler. We recommend following the steps below to see if you can resolve an issue directly.)

Your money will be directly deposited into the account you have selected and your pay advice (stub) is electronic. You will receive an email from our HR Peoplesoft system when you are able to view your check on line. 

Training Resources

Training Resources are available through the Help link in the ETAS or here: