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Tantur Summer Seminar - "Salvation History Today"

The Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem is excited to once again host the Tantur Summer Seminar, a 2-week seminar featuring lectures and presentations from major scholars and robust conversations with peers.  The theme of this year's seminar is "Salvation History Today."

Seminar will include presentations from the following presenters:

  • John Bergsma (Franciscan University)
  • Anthony Giambrone, OP  (Ecole Biblique)
  • Tzvi Novick (Notre Dame)
  • Eugene Korn (Jerusalem)
  • Gavin d’Souza  (University of Bristol)
  • Jutta Sperber (Münster)
  • Gerald McKenny (Notre Dame)
  • Neil Arner (Notre Dame)


Salvation History Today

Wednesday, July 4:  Arrivals

Thursday, July 5:  The Idea of Salvation History and the Origin of the Tantur Center

            Brian Daley, SJ (Notre Dame)

Friday, July 6:  Salvation History and the Christian Reading of the Bible

            John Bergsma (Franciscan University)

Monday, July 9:   The New Testament and Salvation History

             Anthony Giambrone, OP  (Ecole Biblique)

Tuesday, July 10:  The Covenant and History in Rabbibic Theology

             Tzvi Novick (Notre Dame)

Wednesday, July 11:  God’s Covenant with Israel and the Salvation of the Nations

              Eugene Korn (Jerusalem)

Thursday, July 12:  Sacred History and the Salvation of non-Biblical Peoples

              Gavin d’Souza  (University of Bristol)

Friday, July 13:  Salvation History and Islam

              Jutta Sperber (Münster)

Monday, July 16:  Covenant and History for Reformed Christians

             Gerald McKenny (Notre Dame)

Tuesday, July 17:  Salvation History, Christian Ecumenism, and Interfaith Dialogue

             Neil Arner (Notre Dame)

Wednesday, July 18:  Departures


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