Top technology resources when starting at Candler and Emory

1.     Get on wireless!

On your computer or mobile device, select the wireless access point EmoryUnplugged and login with your Emory NETID and password.

2.     Access tech resources from off-campus!

Register for DUO two-factor authentication at

3.     Get on Email and download Microsoft Office software!

Free with Office365 online:

4.     Backup your documents!

Use Emory Box at or OneDrive at

5.     Make use of online learning!

Your professor can incorporate online content using:

·      Canvas at

·      ECHO at

·      Videoconferencing with Adobe Connect, Skype, Google Hangouts

6.     Keep your computer healthy!

Student Technology Support on 1st floor of Woodruff Library and 404.727.7777