Because the Writing Center seeks to maximize the availability of our tutors to all students, it is important that scheduled appointments be attended. To help ensure this, the Writing Center system automatically tracks sessions that are missed or cancelled at the last minute. A “no-show” is counted whenever (1) a student does not appear for their scheduled session or (2) cancels an appointment 24 hours before the start time. To prevent being counted as a no-shows, students should plan their appointments carefully and make any needed changes to scheduling at least one day in advance.

The scheduling system will not allow an appointment to be cancelled within 24 hours of the start time; however, if you know that you cannot make your appointment you can call the OSP directly (404-727-4430) to cancel your appointment or email your tutor directly. We will then cancel the appointment so that the scheduled block is available for another student.

Repeated No-Shows

We recognize that plans change and unexpected events happen. As such, students are allowed two no-shows per semester without consequence.

If a third no-show is recorded then a student’s access to the Writing Center will be restricted for 5 school days from the scheduled start time and any previously scheduled appointments that occur within this 5-day window will be cancelled. Access will be automatically restored after this 5 day window.

If further no-shows occur (4+), then the student’s access to the Writing Center will be suspended until they are able to meet with the director of the Writing Center to discuss how these sessions can be more effectively utilized.