The REAL Conference

You are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Recognizing, Empowering, and Affirming Latinas Conference (REAL Conference). As the name suggests, the mission of this conference is to recognize, empower, and affirm Latinas/xs at Emory, in Atlanta, and beyond. The conference will recognize Latinas/xs by celebrating their efforts and achievements; empower by giving them the confidence and tools they need to achieve their goals; and affirm the Latinx identity by allowing them to see that their Latinidad is beautiful and powerful, given that there is no one way to be a Latina/x.

The amazing keynotes for the upcoming conference will be highlighting the incredible Afro-Latinx identity.

The conference will be held February 8th and 9th, 2019. On the 8th, the location will be at Cox Hall Ballroom, and on the 9th at the Alumni Memorial University Center (AMUC). The price to attend for non-Emory students is $25 per person for a two-day conference which includes three meals, and if needed, overnight stay on campus with student hosts. It is free for Emory students. Register with the following link:

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