Trinity Explores with Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson

Thursdays, September 7 and 14, 2017

7:00 pm

Trinity Presbyterian Church

3003 Howell Mill Road, NW

Atlanta, GA30327

Room B-110 

Trinity Explores Apostle Paul.LukeTimothy Johnson Sep2017.jpg

You are invited to Trinity Presbyterian Church’s Trinity Explores with Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson, a free lecture series about the apostle Paul. 

The Apostle Paul: Oppressor or Liberator? The apostle Paul has been celebrated as the heart of the New Testament and of Christian theology, and has been excoriated as the evil genius whose words have oppressed Jews, women, fighters for social justice, and those who engage in same-sex love. He is as much hated as loved. In fact, Karen Armstrong calls him the apostle "we love to hate." These two presentations pose the question whether Paul is best understood as a negative or positive figure, as one who oppresses or one who liberates, and why.

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