Writing Center Workshops

RARB - 12:00-12:50pm


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How to Read (A Lot): Surviving the Reading Load of Theological Education

Academic work—especially in theology—requires engaging with the written word not only of Scripture but also of those who write about it. The reading load this requires can quickly become overwhelming. This workshop will provide practical strategies for managing your course readings while also engaging with the core message of assigned texts. Join us to learn how to enjoy your readings and not just “complete” them!

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Mastering the Essay Exam: Keys to Deciphering Prompts and Responding Effectively

The essay exam can feel a little strange for the uninitiated. Do professors want a three-point essay response? Do they want a single sentence? Do they want my opinion, or do they want “just the facts”? Join us for this session as we discuss strategies for reading (and deciphering) the prompt and crafting an effective response.

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Creating a Persuasive Argument: There’s More to Writing than Writing

Creating an effective argument requires more than simply getting facts down on a page. It even requires more than writing clear and legible statements. A persuasive argument requires stating your claim clearly, deciding how to support it, and gathering the required evidence to convince your audience. Join the Writing Center and Pitts Theology Library staff as we discuss how to achieve these goals in your writing.

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Tackling the Personal Statement: How to Effectively Communicate Your Value

Whether you’re applying for a job, ordination, a scholarship, a grant, or a PhD program, you will often be asked to tell your readers about your life and development. Instead of restating the details of your life from birth to present, join us to explore strategies for presenting your accomplishments in a way that advocates for yourself and your giftedness. The personal statement is an opportunity to explain how your particular abilities are the perfect fit for a given position!

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